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Unofficial Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) v1.8C installer
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Обновление неофициальной версии установщика FMCB от 4 ноября 2012, позволяющего запускать софт напрямую с карты памяти без модчипов почти на любых версиях приставок, в т.ч и нечипованных. Сама программа FMCB осталась без изменений.

Изменения в этой версии:

- Rewrote the MCTOOLs EE-side RPC client. Since libpad may cause crashes if the pad DMA buffer is stored on the stack, it means that it's impossible for GCC to ensure that buffers on the stack are aligned to 64-byte boundaries even with the ALIGNED directive.
All parameters passed to the RPC server on the IOP are now written to a shared transmission buffer.
- Increased the size and alignment of all buffers to 64-bytes, where SifWriteBackDataCache() will be used with them. This is to ensure that weird behaviour resulting from DCache flushes do not ever appear.
- Changed the compilation parameters for the MCTOOLs and SECRMAN RPC server modules. Turned optimization level down to O2 to prevent bugs from being introduced through overly aggressive optimization, and enabled usage of the gp register.
- Added a free space check.
- Modified the DeleteCrossLinkedFiles() and CreateCrossLinkedFiles() functions, to support more than 6 cross-linked files.
- Compatibility for the first SCPH-10000 unit should now be restored. mc:/BIEXEC-SYSTEM/osdsys.elf is now an additional cross-linked file.
- ExecOSD() has been replaced with Exit(). By right, the CRT should call Exit(), but it seems like the homebrew CRT is buggy and crashes instead. :(

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