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Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 896

Изменения в этой ревизии:

  • 1) rev895 - updated Brazilian Portuguese language
  • 2) rev896 - include Bat Rastard recent pull request: goo.gl/XcZNJc

by Bat Rastard : 

(*) Changed the "sysExecExit()" function call, reverted it to Hominem's original ASM code. The result is people can use the "Exit" function to go back to OSDSYS/Browser. The IGR Path however can be left empty or used as intended before the OPL/GSM integration. OPL will show a baby-blue screen after an IGR and then boot the ELF if the path is valid. If you get a red screen followed by FMCB reinitializing/rebooting, then your IGR path is invalid. Most likely culprit is a syntax error regarding case-senitivity. Note that only physcial memory cards can be used for valid IGR paths at this time as the bug(s) regarding those paths remain ...

(*) Turns out Hommi's ASM is in the PS2SDK as "Exit(0)" so replicating it here is redundant. Sooo uh ... yeah ... ;) 

This unlinks the IGR and EXIT paths, this no more chainloading bug. Users can now -- once again -- use a valid IGR path to boot an ELF after an IGR while also using "Exit" on the Main Menu to go back to the Browser/OSDSYS no matter what. Valid IGR paths are limited to physical memory cards only since we haven't fixed the bug(s) related to MASS and HDD0 yet. If an invalid IGR path is used, OPL flashes a RED screen then reboots the PS2. However, if a valid IGR path is used, OPL flashes a baby-blue screen and then boots the ELF in the IGR Path. This means if users have a renamed ELF of OPL in their IGR path, then an IGR will get them back to their game list faster than configuring FMCB to auto-launch OPL. In other words, this was the default behavior of OPL years ago -- before OPL_GSM which required linking the paths together for your de-init code. Since all that stuff has been re-written and is more compatible, I see no need to keep the paths linked ... and so I blew 'em up!


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