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XMBPC v1.0
Обновилась программа эмуляции графического интерфейса XMB до стабильной версии 1.0

Изменения в этой версии:

- Added: YouTube can now directly be started under "Video”
- Added: Keyboard support (No more controller required)
- Mappings http://www.luxdev.de/XMBPCE/KEYBOARD%20CONTROLS.txt
- Added: Steam support (Just choose your game shortcuts NOT .EXE)
- Commandline Switches (/default ; /about ; /xbox) (Via cmd or XMBPC Toolbox GUI)

-> /default will start XMBPC directly without setup with default values (MediaPaths = Desktop ; Language = English ; Username = PC Username ; Games = None)
-> /about shows a messagebox about XMBPC
-> (/xbox will skip the "Press the PS button to continue” on the setup and lets you use XMBPC with a XBOX controller – USELESS SINCE KEYBOARD SUPPORT)

- Updated: You don’t need more to enter the pc games’s names
- Updated: Setup optimized
- Stability: XMBPC Network optimizations & stability improvements
- Stability: Improvements on browsing games, musics, videos and pictures (You will maybe see no difference but the browsing system got completely changed)
- Fixed: Volume adjustment now works on the music & video player
- Fixed: When you exit the internet browser, XMB should get reactivated now
- Fixed: Random crashes
- Fixed: XMBPC now boots up with any selected language (Only English worked)

- Always use a new stable release

- To use the PS1 & PS2 Emulator you need to configure it first (PS2: CDVD -> cdvdGigaherz !) and add a BIOS file.
- To add PSP/PS1/PS2 games you need to select the correct filter on the setup (multiselect works)

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