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webMAN MOD v1.43.16 + WM VSH MENU V1.02

Неофициальное обновление webMAN от M@tsumot0 и aldostools

Изменения в этой версии:

  • VSH Menu now uses http network interface to execute webMAN commands (it must be faster & some commands must be now compatible with vanilla edition)
  • Added option to browse URL on PS3 to the slider menu (mobile.html)
  • webMAN.xml now open the web pages using webKit, except "CPU & RSX temperatures" that uses silk mode.
  • Unmount & Insert Disc now auto-closes
  • In Lite Edition: Added: remove syscalls. Removed: fix game & support for fake isos generated by IRISMAN: ntfs[FILE]. Binary is now smaller.
  • Video Recording now can use custom settings for audio & video formats/size/bitrate.
  • Use R2+SELECT+L3 to change the settings values
  • Use L2+SELECT+L3 to choose the settings to be changed
  • Current recording video & audio formats now are displayed in the popup
  • The video & audio formats can be configured via /setup.ps3
  • Removed video_rec.sprx from updater
  • Added option to disable custom syscalls 200, 201, 203, 204 (ccapi) through syscall.ps3mapi.
  • Syscall 1022 (prx loader) is now disabled by [online] tag and R2+/\ combo.
  • SRC: Moved some files to cobra/unused
  • SRC: Changed 8 to constant SC_COBRA_SYSCALL8 in Cobra modules. So it can be changed easily to another syscall number in the future.
  • [BGM] toggler is now shown in /cpursx.ps3 if a game is running. (Only available in the test build. It may hang the console returning to XMB)
  • Test build: Added /sysbgm.ps3 and swap kernel (not included in the updater)

In a side note: I have been trying to add ntfs library to the project (to support FTP transfers to/from NTFS). But the project throws errors when I compile it. Maybe some dev could assist me in make it compile.

Now the question is: should I also add syscalls 200, 201, 203, 204 (ccapi) to the combo that disable the syscalls?

IMO they should be disabled too for safer access to PSN... but if I do it probably I'll have more haters than usual... especially the cheaters.

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