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[PSV/PS3/PS4] Universal Media Server v7.0.0
Обновление медиасервера UMS до версии 7.0.0

Изменения в этой версии:


  • Added "TV Shows", "Movies", "3D Movies", and "Unsorted" folders to the "Media Library" folder
  • Added right-click menu to navigation pane
  • Renamed "Cache" folder to "Media Library" folder and enabled it by default
  • Changed "Hide" options to "Show", e.g. "Hide Media Library folder" becomes "Show Media Library folder"
  • When a file is added/changed/removed in a shared folder, UMS detects it
  • Fully played tracking is stored in the SQL database
  • Shared folders are scanned for changes on startup (configurable)
  • Made folder scanning up to 10x faster
  • Made Media Library browsing faster
  • Gave folder scanning a lower priority than other UMS functions to make them work more smoothly
  • Fixed some bugs related to sending media metadata (org_pn) to renderers
  • Fixed bug where removing a directory in UMS does not remove its contents from the Media Library.
  • Fixed sorting in dynamic folders
  • Reduced lookups and bandwidth to OpenSubtitles
  • Fixed MusicBrainz bugs
  • Fixed many other bugs


  • Synchronized translations with Crowdin


  • Added Samsung 8 Series config
  • Updated FetchTV config
  • Improved support for Samsung Galaxy S7

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