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Universal Media Server 2.6.2
Обновление Universal Media Server до версии 2.6.2 

Список изменений: 


Fixed audio sync when muxing DTS via FFmpeg 
Improved descriptions in GUI 
Added support for the file:// protocol in WEB.conf 
Protocols are matched before extensions in WEB.conf 
Fixed "Can't assign requested address" bug after update to 
Java on Mac OS X 
Added installation instructions to the Linux distribution 
Fixed incorrect server IP address when starting via UMS.exe or 

External Components: 

Updated FFmpeg for all operating systems, which: 

Fixes RTMP bugs 
Improves support for the following codecs/containers: 
WMV, MPEG, H.264, Matroska, AVI, AAC, AC-3, WMA, 
Improves 60FPS video support 
Supports more audio channel layouts 
Improves pthread support 
Fixes memory leaks 
Improves subtitle decoding support 
Adds support for subtitles character encoding 
Makes duration estimation more reliable 
Adds support for .ape files 
Improves memory use when using hardware acceleration 
Fixes multithreaded MPEG-4 decoding 

Updated Java Runtime Environment automatic downloader for 
Windows to 7u21, which: 

Has lots of security fixes and improvements

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