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PS3ITA Manager 1.20
Обновился менеджер от ресурса PS3Ita, построенный на исходниках Iris Manager до версии 1.20

Изменения в этой версии:

New Features:

- Added Payload 4.46.
- "Control fan” now also supports the cfw 4.46.
- Added in the "Video Setup”, option "Screen set: Grid 8×6″. This allows you to display 48 games on one screen.
- Added the Portuguese language.


- Now in the "Video Setup” you can change the different grids while remaining in the same menu, without having to return to the screen of games every time.
- All languages ​​included are upgraded to version 1.20 with 20 new lines translated (Persian language excluded).
- Other small changes/additions made in the source code.

Problem fixed:

- PS3ita Manager now automatically fixed the error 0×80010009 also in the update games.
Because of an small error, the fix for update games was not working in the previous version of manager.

Скачать и обсудить можно здесь.
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