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Обновилась утилита PS3 SHELTER.

Изменения в этой версии: 

  • Minor Fix in the software
  • Application completely resized to accommodate the new functions
  • Fixes problems in the console
  • Fixed some parts of the code
  • New section for the Settings of the randomization of the ConsoleID
  • New section for the general Settings of the software
  • Now it is possible to randomize the region of the ConsoleID
  • The randomization of the region of the ConsoleID is visible in the mini-map dedicated
  • Added new button “Disconnect” to disconnect from the PS3
  • Added statistics for the ConsoleID randomized (you can see their statistics for each session spoof)
  • Added protection from errors, the software should prevent the creation of errors during the spoof
  • Silent execution of the generators is now so stable and proper, not by running the script as you did in the previous version, in fact, this created many problems, that has now been fixed

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