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PS3 PRBOOM Plus Release 3 для всех CFW
Очередная вариация порта игры Doom, работающая на всех кастомных прошивках.


Изменения в этой версии:

- Fix random stalls during game play while loading level data
- Fix Chainsaw and Super Shot Gun not being selected with weapong cycling
- WAD installer now installs PWADs as well as IWADs
- Extra options can be selected for a game by pressing triangle on the loading screen


Install the PrBOOM package on your jailbroken ps3 using normal means. Once installed either use FTP to copy supported Doom wads to '/dev_hdd0/game/HBDM90000/USRDIR/wad', or place them on the root of an attached USB drive and PrBoom will copy them for you.


When starting PrBOOM SDL will be in joystick mode, The default controls are:

Left Stick: Move Forward and backward + strafe
Right Stick: Turn
Fire: R2
Use: R1
Run: L2
Turn Around: L1
Dpad: Change Weapons
Start: Open Menu
Select: Show Auto Map

In the menu:

Dpad: Navigate
Cross: Activate Item
Square: Go Back

In the loader:

Dpad: Select game
Cross: Start game normally
Triangle: Start game with advanced options
Square: Scan USB devices for WADs
Circle: Exit to XMB

In the advanced menu:

Dpad Up+Down: Select Option
Dpad Left+Right: Alter option
Dpad Left: Clear PWAD list (-file)
Dpad Right: Add new PWAD to list (-file)
Square: Toggle option
Cross: Load Game

During the level intermission you must press whatever button is mapped as 'Use' (default L1) to continue.

The first page of the input configuration menu displays and allows you to remap any control that can have a joystick control set to it.

Playing with a USB keyboard is supported, however you may need to remap any buttons on modifier keys (Alt, Shift, and Control).

Скачать сам порт можно здесь , а также порт с включенным WAD файлом здесь
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