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PS3 Media Server 1.90.0
Обновление медиасервера PS3 Media Server до версии 1.90.0

Изменения в этой версии :


- FFmpeg Video, FFmpeg Web Audio and FFmpeg Web Video:
- Add FFmpeg Web Audio engine
- General improvements of usability and stability
- Support for lossless video remuxing if supported by renderer
- Support for AC-3 and DTS audio tracks remuxing
- Support for external SRT and SSA/ASS subtitles
- Support for auto charset detection of non UTF-8 external subtitles


- Regression: restore the pre-1.82.0 compatibility logic

VLC Web Video:

- Fix NPE
- Support for external subtitles (thanks, tdcosta100!)


- Xbox 360: improved quality
- Improved Sony Blu-ray Player support (thanks, skeptical)
- Send thumbnails properly to Samsung 2012 ES and EH models (thanks, dmitche3!)
- Added renderer profiles (thanks, UMS developers):
KalemSoft Media Player
Netgear NeoTV
Onkyo TX-NR717
Sharp Aquos TVs
Showtime 4 PS3 homebrew player
Sony Bravia EX620 series TVs
Sony Bravia W6/W8/W9 (thanks, gui17aume)
Sony Home Theatre Systems
Telstra T-Box
VideoWeb TV
Vizio Smart TV
Yamaha RX-V3900

Transcode folder:

- Add entries for audio files
- Add missing entries for video files
- Add entries for web video and web audio files
- Allow the chapter folder prefix to be localized
- Hide chapter folders if the duration of the video is less than the chapter length
- Don't hide engine names in the #--TRANSCODE--# folder if hide_enginenames is true

Language updates:

- Updated Dutch translation (thanks, leroy)
- Updated French translation (thanks, gui17aume)


- A lot of backports from UMS (thanks, all UMS developers!)
- Windows: system-wide Java installation is not needed anymore, now we bundle private JRE with installer
- Fix duplicate entries in DVD/playlist/feed folders: GC566, GC636, GC1483, GH13
- More accurate checks for reference frame counts to allow more videos to be remuxed rather than transcoded
- Removed obsolete MPlayerAudio, MPlayerWebAudio and MPlayerWebVideoDump engines
- Filename display formats can now be set at the profile level as well as per-renderer
- More detailed logging to improve diagnostics and simplify issue reporting
- Fix generation of music subfolders in iTunes Library (thanks, gui17aume)
- Build Windows installer with bundled JRE for 32-bit systems (PMS-setup-full.exe)
- Build Windows installer with bundled JRE for 64-bit systems (PMS-setup-full-x64.exe)
- Build Windows installer without bundled JRE (PMS-setup-without-jre.exe)
- Removed silent JRE download and installation within PMS.exe wrapper if no private or public JREs are found. Prompt user to run PMS-setup-full.exe instead
- Show user GPL licence during Windows installation
- Windows installer now runs PS3 Media Server with normal user rights after installation is complete
- Windows installer localization.
- New Mac OSX installer with bundled JRE (pms-setup-macosx.tar.gz)
- Added configuration option for forcing renderer per IP address (#115)

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