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[PS2] OPL Manager v18
Обновление утилиты для управления вашими бекапами PS2 игр

Изменения в этой версии:

*Fixed file in use when using new iso file name format.
*Art Reports now are required to have a explanation.
*Fixed multiple issues when using screen scaling.
*Fixed a bug in ART Manager, where the art returned by the
server didn't match the current selected game.
+Added a feature that tries to emulate OPL on PC.
Requires compatible themes. One theme by Jay-Jay included.
OPL Themes can be ported easily. Uses XML for theme CFG.
+Added support to recognize POPS elf in POPS folder.
+Added support to edit CFG for POPS games.
+Added tool to install any elf to the APPS folder.
+Added support to drag cover & disc images out of OPLM.
+Added support to change between old/new iso naming format.
+Added support for game cover spine (LAB).
+Added character limit in multiple input boxes in CFG Editor.
+Added game title (from OPLM DB) to ART report window.
+Increased Game CFG version to 4.
+Added Modes setting to CFG Editor and CFG Update.
+Added Sports Genre to CFG Editor.
+Added some Cheat Devices to CFG Editor.
+Added feature to remember the main window splitter position.
+Added link to facebook and official website.

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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