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Новая бета версия GS Mode Selector v0.23r

Вышла новая версия программы аналога Xploder HDTV Player

Изменения в этой версии:

- Fixed BSOD/freezing issue reported on some consoles using the v0.23q release (it was caused by non-expected value from strtol(ROMVER_data,NULL,10))
-Added the assembler directives 'noreorder' before and 'reorder' after DisplayHandler routine (whenever I discover potentialy dangerous code, I try to diminishes the chance of bad circumstantial side effects after compiler code rearrangement)
-All predef vmode array has their dw and dh real values (which were taken/guessed from several docs) increased by 1, in order to conform them with previous versions of GSM. And those vmodes 479 rows heighted were changed to 448 rows
- PS2Link now is invoked from the old standard path for mc("mc0:/BWLINUX/PS2LINK.ELF" )

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