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multiMAN Cobra Manager v04.02.00 BASE и FULL
0Обновление многофункционального менеджера multiMAN CM v04.02.00.

Изменения в этой версии:

- Added new display mode ("TMB" - Top Media Bar) to replace "Box-art" mode
- Added new option in Settings - "Top Media Bar Color" to set user-defined color for top and bottom stripes in TMB mode
- Added new background image in the original theme (TMBBG.JPG) for TMB display mode
- Improved speed when copying files
- Optimized memory usage (another 10MB of RAM available for operations)
- Added support for scanning /dev_usb010 to /dev_usb099 for PSX/PS2/PS3/PSP/BD/DVD ISO files
- Added four (4) new colors to SIDE/TMB color setting options and two options in COLOR.INI to set side/tmb colors from themes
- Added function to "Quit to XMB" if [CIRCLE] (or [CROSS] if X/O swap is set in options) button is held pressed
- Added visual slider indication when scrolling trough a lot of entries (XMMB, TMB and XBDM modes + when browsing devices)
- Reminder for BD-Remote colored keys: RED - Quit, GREEN - Screen Saver, YELLOW - Restart, BLUE - To File Manager and back

Скачать BASE (22 МБ) и FULL (163 МБ)
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