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Обновление кастомной прошивки от разработчика Darkjiros с функционалом Cobra

Изменения в этой версии:


1. DARKNET CEX 4.70 V1.00 Base with the same patch 

2. COBRA 7.05 Added 

  • Re-added spoof code into Stage2 And add other code [This won't enable PSN but prevents FW updates in the future when spoof is enabled by COBRA] 

  • Dean's permission fix to improve game compatibility with COBRA payload 

  • PS2 Rebug Holder R2 Support (Habib's workaround) 

  • PS3 MAPI Support (Nzv's) 

  • PSNPatch stealth mode (KW's) 

  • Stage0 base payload added 

  • reactPSN 3.20+ Support (Freezing issue fixed) 

COBRA 7.05 Added: 

  • Additional PSX ISO Types supported 

  • PS2 ISO controller sync issues on non-BC improved 

  • Updated NzV ps3mapi to v1.2.0 

  • Issue with new ODE Patches while COBRA is disabled has been fixed (games with updates refuse to run) 

  • Cobra ODE Support (No swap Disc) 

  • mmCM 04.66.10 Perfect support (800xxxxx Error does not appear any more.) 

  • reactPSN 3.20+ Support (Freezing issue fixed) 

  • PS1NETEMU is now used as default for all ps3 models. 

PSX compatiblity compatiblity with non bc consoles

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