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CFW 4.46 FERROX 1.2
Обновилась прошивка от пользователя Alexander с сайта ps3mod.altervista.org до версии CFW 4.46 FERROX 1.2

[Immagine: 97ck.png]

Изменения в этой версии:


After extensive testing we finally arrived to a stable version. I thank all those who 
have supported us with various tests. 
(Always remember to install the CFW Submitted by removing the BluRay disc) 
(For all those who incur 8002F157 error, it means you have not enabled MODE 'ON 
DEBUG ON via the qaflag and then have to do the deashing on the console) To 
correct this error: Install CFW 4.21 Rebug or CFW that allows you to activate the qa 
flag and the mode 'debugging. Upgrade to OFW 3:55 for two times in a row. (That's 
right, to install RECOVERY twice the OFW 3.55. Proceed with the installation of any 
other CFW's) OPTIONAL: It is recommended that after a successful installation of 
the CFW from recovery run "Rebuild Database and File System" for correct 
operation. (Thanks to franci97) 


Improved stability 
Fixed the TEMA FERROX Dark Theme 
Cinavia disabled without displaying errors and options 
Integrated Fan Control Utility 1.9.1 in APP_HOME (Thanks to Baxalo)

Скачать можно в теме поддержки
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