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Альтернативный файловый браузер LbFn v0.70.17
Японский аналог uLE - браузер LbFn. Новая версия 0.70.17 от 10.10.2011. О том как включить английский язык читаем в русском ридми

Изменения в этой версии:

- Fixed display the wrong letter of bottom message in MessageBox.
- Fixed do not display the connecting message in "MISC/SelfUpdate".
- Supported PNG images in image viewer. (Max 3M pixels)
- Fixed can be display GIF images of only "GIF89a" in image viewer.
- Fixed memory fragmented of tek compressed font in use.
- Added audio player. (choice the "look" from popup menu of FileBrowser)
- Fixed output wronged filename in psu export.
- Added smallest file check the psu format in psu import.
- Changed and added preset setting in "MISC/GSCONFIG".
- Changed can be setting of two resolutions in "MISC/GSCONFIG".
- Added doublebuffer mode of like 2x vertical resolution only NTSC and PAL in "MISC/GSCONFIG".
- Fixed press any button to exit of "MISC/ShowFont".
- Fixed dithering matrix are vertical smoothing at if FFMODE are FRAME and dithering enabled.
- Added the texture load operation by libgs.c based process.
- Supported new texture load function in use of the imageviewer in case of do not resize.
- Supported automatic animation in imageviewer.
- Fixed "DO NOT RESIZE IN IMAGE" was counterproductived in "VIEWER SETTING".
- Fixed do not display 4096MB or bigger size of "GET SIZE" in FileBrowser.
- Supported setting of first displaying image position in image viewer.
- Supported wallpaper in use. (if in used, can be "LOOK" the file of filesize limit to smaller in viewer and others)
- Fixed can not open the image in case of downgrade the bit per pixel in small of memory remain.
- Supported dump the screenshot in pad operation.
- Fixed again the wronged short filename making case in Japanese supoorted version of USB mass storage driver.

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да уж,ну и файловый браузер, UlaunchELF как то привычней wink

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