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Новая версия мультисистемного игрового эмулятора популярных ретро консолей RetroArch для PS3, PS Vita и PSP

Общий список изменений для всех платформ в этой версии:

  • CAMERA: Fix Video4Linux2 driver that broke years ago.
  • CONFIG: Add ‘Reset To Defaults’ setting in Configurations. This will reset your config file to defaults.
  • CHEATS: Add support for Rumble when increase or decrease by the rumble value.
  • CHEATS: Add cheat variables to allow for updating large portions of memory.
  • CHEEVOS: Prevent loading states before achievements are fully loaded.
  • CRT: New porches and interlaced bug fix.
  • CRT: New functionality, ability to switch between 15KHz and 31KHz, etc.
  • COMMON: Support for “OEM-102” key (usually ‘\’ on Euro keyboards).
  • DISCORD: Add ‘Ask To Join’ Feature.
  • EMSCRIPTEN: Add stb_font support.
  • INPUT: Add new menu toggle combos ‘L3 + R’ and ‘L + R’ (useful for Switch).
  • IOS: Use safe area to account for notch for iPhone X and adjust main view.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese / Brazilian translation.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation.
  • MENU: Add dropdown lists for many settings.
  • MENU: Fix cras ... Читать дальше »
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