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Новая версия эмулятора карты на жестком диске или флеш носителе HD Project

Новая версия эмулятора карты на жестком диске или флеш носителе.


- GUI Side:

- Revert to non 'Xmodules' use. SIO2MAN/PADMAN/MCMAN/MCSERV are now use at 'gui' startup.
- Remove 'auto-open' tray option. Anyway this functionality would have been taken away in 'cdvdemu' version.
- Remove 'ioprp image file' scanning. This is no more needed because of new 'mcemuloader' EE core.
- Replace use of 'mcemugui' module by 'vmcfs' driver in 'vmc creation' operation.
- Add 'MC FLASHER' entry in 'MC TOOLS' menu. This allow to 'flash' a selected 'vmc file' to physical memorycard. The file must be a compatible HD Project 'vmc file' without ECC datas.

Thought i have to add lot of security to 'mcflash' functionality.
Be very carefull with this function. I cannot be responsible of bad use. Use it as your own risks.

- Modify 'mcdump' process. IOP is reseted, then Xmodules are loaded instead of 'standard basic' modules. When dump is done, IOP is reseted once again, the 'standard basic' modules are reloaded.
- Add a new configuration entry: cacheSize. This entry allow to set cache size value use in 'hdd' or 'usb' modules when emulating a memorycard in-game.
This option increase save/load operations, but dicrease games compatibility.
- Add a new configuration entry: games. This entry allow to save individual vmc game settings such as startup file path, cachesize, and vmc file path when loading a game.
- Modify 'game boot procedure':

There are now four possibilities when loading a game:

- 1 - Cross button start a game with last saved settings. If no settings where found HD Gui open a 'mc emulation' option menu to set cachesize and vmc file path for this game.
- 2 - Circle button open directly the 'mc emulation' option menu to modify options for this game.
- 3 - Square button start the game with default settings. Those set in HD Gui option menu.
- 4 - Triangle exit menu.


- EE Side:
- Rewrite completely 'mcemuloader' to make it running in-game.
- Add syscalls hooking to catch 'Reboot request from EE'. This allow to update iop processor with modules from 'ioprp image file' then load mc emulation modules.

Note that 'mcemuloader' use parts of ffgriever 'ESR EE core' source code for two points below.

- IOP Side:
- Write a 'atadev9' device driver compatible with games. It's directly based on 'cdvdemu' atad/dev9 support. This 
- Rewrite 'apa' and 'pfs' to make them compatible with games. Code based on 'ps2sdk' rev 1420. ( Without new 'poweroff' )
- Implement ffgriever USB modules optimisation.

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