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uLaunchELF v4.24
Вышла новая версия файлового менеджера uLaunchELF v4.24, русификатор включен в архив.

-Embedded virtual memory card driver by Polo35 and ubergeek42, and implemented its use in FileBrowser. Note that vmc0: and vmc1: will not be shown in FileBrowser until some VMC file has been mounted, using new commands in the R1 menu of FileBrowser.
-Fixed various bugs that could crash the RunELF function when called with improper device names or paths to non-ELF files. From now on on real launch attempts are made only after accessing the file and checking its ELF header.
-Fixed a bug dealing with SYSTEM.CNF files for the "MISC/PS2Disc" subprogram (string termination for a file buffer from malloc was made one byte beyond the allocated area)
-The above changes also fix the inability of the previous beta to launch ELFs from virtual memory cards.
-Made a new revision of 'ps2client_for_uLE'. This rev8 fixes a problem with file open modes that prevented the new VMC driver from mounting VMC files over network.
NB: Mounting VMC files over network is not recommended at this stage, since it is very slow. The VMC driver will need a new caching strategy to make network use practical.
-Fixed a bug that made it possible to select uLE configurable files (drivers, skins, etc) on VMC
-Fixed a bug preventing psuPaste from restoring PSU files to gamesave folders on VMC
-Restructured the HDD mountpoint usage to eliminate conflicts between VMC and other browser needs. Conflict should now only be possible between ftp server and VMC browsing, so these activities should never be combined (user responsibility)
-Enforced 32 character limit for vmc object names in FileBrowser (same as on MC)
-Modified VMC mounting to last only throughout a FileBrowser session. Leaving the FileBrowser automatically unmounts any mounted VMC files
-Fixed a VMC driver bug causing it to consider a VMC to be mounted even after a failure to do so due to unformatted content
-Fixed a bug preventing unmounting of VMC devices for some cases
NB: Though VMC usage should no longer be able to interfere with normal HDD access, it may still lock up in some VMC operations. This VMC driver is still to be considered a beta version, though the uLE release is otherwise stable. You should therefore not use VMC operations without backup of each VMC file used.
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