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SMS Version 2.8 (rev.4)
Новая версия медиаплеера, русский языковой файл включен в архив
- updated OSD information panel (added available memory indication at IOP side);
- video decoders are redesigned in order to reduce RAM usage;
- implemented 32 bit color resolution for 720p (playback and browser modes) and
1080i (playback mode only) video modes. Note: synchronization parameter 1 and display
position adjustments might be necessary for these modes in order to avoid some
screen artefacts. Note: synchronization parameter 3 was added. This one affects audio
playback, so in total there're 3 parameters related to video synchronization:
- parameter 1 is for video clips;
- parameter 2 is for GUI;
- parameter 3 is for audio playback;
These parameters are quite important, so if there're some unwanted screen effects (broken picture during scene motion), screen flickering etc. then adjusting these parameters can remove aforementioned effects. Each video mode has its own independent parameter set. For parameter 1 SMS can approximate its value automatically by choosing 'auto' (formerly '0') value;
- redesigned subtitle management code;
- improved MPEG1/2 scrolling/positioning;
- added 2 "eye candies" (clock and "please wait" indicator);
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