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Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 1009 v3

Изменения в последних релизах:

Developer SP193 made the following changes to OPL...
- (In-game ATAD) re-added workaround for some clone adaptors. #58

v2: PS2DEV updates:
Enabled clone adaptor compatibility options for DEV9 and ATAD:
1. (ATAD) Enable/disable DMA when the transfer direction is set up.
2. (DEV9) Do not initialize SMAP.

(ATAD) Added Makefile options for DMA Enable compatibility (clone adaptors), SCE HDD Authentication, MWDMA mode support and all PIO modes (modes 0-4, instead of just mode 0).

(APA) Fixed return value when ATA initialization fails (must return NOT RESIDENT). Replaced return values with MODULE_NO_RESIDENT_END and MODULE_RESIDENT_END.

v3: PS2DEV updates:
(ATAD) Fixed logic for DMAEN compatibility for compatible adaptors.

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Обновление бекап менеджера ManaGunZ до версии 1.29

Изменения в этой версии:

  • Fix : Several issues.
  • Fix : It detect iso built without the 'official' structure.
  • Fix : System crash after mounting a game in olders firmwares. Bug introduced in v1.26.
  • Add : [Themes] Display TAGS when you choose a theme to be aware of the path and the type of the theme.
  • Add : [Themes] Disable theme.
  • Add : [Themes] A default theme is loaded in a fresh install.
  • Add : [Themes] If there isn't a 'settings background' then the 'main background' is used for the setting menu.
  • Add : [Interface] Show game case.
  • Add : [Settings] Add TV test screen.
  • Add : [Settings] 'Update ManaGunZ'.
  • Add : [PS1][PSP] Game menu.
  • Add : [PS1][PS2] ICON0 creator. It allow you to 'cut' an ICON0 from the cover to use it as the main icon.
  • Fix : [PS2] Function to apply patches.
  • Add : [PS2] It can apply widescreen patches and another pnach file silmutaneously.
  • Add : [PS2] '480P', 'YFIX' and 'FMV skip' options. ps2wide.net/480p.html

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    Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader

    Изменения в последних релизах:

    SP193: Fix for HDD deinit, avoid linking to thread and TLB patches and updated IOP reboot code. (#51)
    * Close all files upon deinit of HDD support, to prevent potential risks of corrupting the HDD.
    * Updated calls to Exit, LoadExecPS2 and ExecPS2, and added custom kernel syscall definitions to avoid linking to the new kernel patches.
    * Updated SifIopReset to not use NULL as an argument and to support the new SIFCMD header.

    SP193: Updated IGR to support the new PS2SDK thread patch. (#52)

    SP193: (IGR fix) Added missing update to Reset_Iop within padhook. (#53)

    belek666: Updates and fixes for pademu/mcemu and other small changes (#54)

    Changes in files:

    - bugfix: pass vmc flags/pademu flags to pademu/mcemu modules so they can be properly build

    - letting know pademu if mcemu was loaded

    - when app was started from hdd pass partition name to the elfs argument

    *modules/ds3bt & modules/ds3usb
    - cleanups
    - ds3bt: more proper disconnetion command
    - add functions to deinit libraries

    - bugfix: add pademu flags
    - get pademu exported function in hooked Registe ... Читать дальше »
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    Обновление медиасервера UMS до версии 6.7.2

    Изменения в этой версии:


  • Added support for WMA10
  • Improved splash screen timing and enabled it by default
  • Improved support for MediaInfo on non-Windows platforms
  • Improved CPU and memory logging
  • Improved detection of network speed
  • Updated comments in DefaultRenderer.conf
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed trace logging on macOS
  • Fixed a crash on Windows 10


  • Synchronized translations with Crowdin
  • Fixed Hebrew language support


  • Updated FFmpeg
  • Updated JNA to 4.4.0
  • Updated Surefire to 2.20

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    Вышло новое программное обеспечение для PlayStation 4 под номером 4.72

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • Это обновление системного программного обеспечения повышает производительность системы.

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    Обновление программы для управления вашими бекапами PS2 игр

    Изменения в этой версии:

    -Removed obsolete option to download ART from OPL server.
    +Warn about long game titles
    +Added new OPLM default art
    *Fixed more issues when using screen scaling.
    *Changed the version name scheme.
    *Fixed strange game id's in UL format crashing OPLM.
    *Fixed fetch title from db with special characters.

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    Разработчик SilicaAndPina обновил GUI интерфейс к PSVIMGTOOLS, который позволяет декриптовать, извлекать и перепаковывать бекапы образы Vita CMA. Для того, чтобы использовать эти функции вам нужен резервный ключ, который привязан к вашему PSN AID. Утилита работает с файлами .psvimg и .psvmd

    Изменения в этой версии:

    This update fixes lots of bugs.

  • Fixed the problems with the PSP Bubble Cloner On Windows.
  • Fixed the extraction and repacking of PSM Games.
  • Fixed the installation of PSM Games in .CMBACKUP format.

    If you get the TypeError where the buttons Disappear, chances are its a currupt .sfo file in your PGAME folder (caused by the last version of PSVIMGTOOLS-FRONTEND w the bubble cloner on windows) just goto your PGAME folder and delete all the currupt backup files

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    Разработчик yifanlu обновил релиз taiHENkaku до версии 0.9.

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • Added recovery option to skip loading all plugins (kernel and user) by holding L1. If using HENkaku from the web or with the offline installer, hold L1 after the bootstrap installer starts up. If using Ensō, hold L1 and power on the Vita. You can still reuse plugins by calling taiReloadConfig even if you started taiHEN without plugin loading.

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    Вышла очередная ревизия 10-й версии HENkaku от 24.06.2017

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • (24/06/2017) Various translation fixes (thanks to all who contributed)
  • (24/06/2017) Skip all plugin loading by holding L1 during installation (or boot if using Ensō)

    Эксплойт доступен по адресу http://go.henkaku.xyz/
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    Обновление утилиты для облегчения установки кастомной прошивки Adrenaline

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • updated for Adrenaline-5.1

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