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Добавлены бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 797 от Ifcaro и спецверсия Open PS2 Loader ревизии 797 от Ifcaro - эта версия не требует дефрагментации  ваших игр.

Изменения в этой ревизии:

Fixed and enhanced streaming support:

  • 1. BUG: sceCdStRead() incorrectly updates the remaining amount to read.
  • 2. BUG: sceCdStRead() may lock up because it c... Читать дальше »
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Бекап менеджер от итальянских разработчиков Orion и Mussonero, использующий наработки Iris Manager. Это стелс версия.

Пояснения к этой версии:

Some thought that I would not have supported the release of stealth Gamesonic Manager, but it is not so, why do not I proceeded to update the Stealth Replacement or Vidzone Replacement is simple: 

They were not true stealth app as They continued to save files in the internal HDD and sony Readily could find them, but not anymore. Thanks to the brilliant idea of the developer haxxxen (you can see here ) and mamba autoloader Developer NZV I realized this new stealth version that starts, through a modified version of me payload mamba, voice app_home / PS3_GAME, as did the toolbox of Rogero, and saves all file configuration on a USB device connected to the PS3 (/ dev_usb000 /) leaving the XMB clean. <... Читать дальше »

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Обновление утилиты PSN Patch для подмены ID консоли и отключения системных вызовов CFW, чтобы сделать вашу систему более "безопасной" для входа в PSN. 


Изменения в этой версии: 

  • New version numbering system (year.month/subversion);
  • Added support for mamba plugins management - proper identification and plugin management (mamba_plugins.txt);
  • Included webman 1.42.01 MOD-KW (lite) for cobra/mamba and non-cobra systems;
  • Re-launch of XMB menu add-ons handling into PSNPatch TOOLBOX (for cobra, non-cobra and mamba, not for rebug);
  • Fixed a bug in which PSNPatch may crash with with an empty bootplugins.txt file;
  • Removed superfluous message about "cobra enhanced / cobra extensions" from main menu.
  • Confirmed support for 4.75 CFW - just a confirmation: no changes were made in the source code - psnpatch being full cfw independent
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Вышло новое программное обеспечение для PlayStation 4 под номером 2.55

Основные функции обновления 2.55:

  • Улучшена стабильность работы программного обеспечения при использовании некоторых функций.

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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Очередная бета версия плеера Movian

Изменения в последних версиях: 

  • osx: Fix build break (again)
  • Rename resources/ to res/
  • Remove libspotify support
  • Remove keymapper since it's broken and unmaintained
  • ... Читать дальше »
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Официальный релиз Movian 4.10.17

New generic features

  • Deprecated SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine is removed. New plugin engine Duktape (ecmascript) is updated
  • Added magnet torrent links support
  • Support browsing local network for Windows/Samba servers and also browsing shared folders on each server.
  • Upgrade to libav 11

Vastly improved HLS demuxer

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Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 796 от Ifcaro

Изменения в этой ревизии:

  • consolidated error codes 
  • added error codes for HDD mode 
  • sync'ed with updates to HDD and PFS from PS2SDK
  • added workaround for clone/compatible network adaptors and corrected UV coordinates for texture-drawing.
  • fixed NBNS support (unable to resolve NB names after first attempt), 
  • revised timeout clock value and adjusted code to prevent some other race-conditions from occuring 
  • adjusted SMB support initialization code to always retry until the link mode can be set successfully 
  • changed link mode setting and DHCP completion-checking intervals to 1 second (reduce strain on IOP)
  • link mode will now be set once at initialization before the TCP/IP stack is initialized (avoid double-initi... Читать дальше »
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Неожиданный порт версии эмулятора ScummVM от 24.06.2015. На другие платформы версия вышла еще в июле 2014 года.

Изменения в этой версии:

New Games:
   - Added support for Chivalry is Not Dead.
   - Added support for Return to Ringworld.
   - Added support for The Neverhood.
   - Added support for Mortville Manor.
   - Added support for Voyeur.

   - Updated Munt MT-32 emulation code to version 1.3.0.
   - Switched from our custom JPEG and PNG decoder... Читать дальше »

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