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Simple PS3Updates 1.63 Final

Обновилась утилита для поиска апдейтов для PS3 игр до версии 1.63

Изменения в этой версии:
Added: Custom Skin coloring to ID Listbox - Settings - Skin - Down Button 
Added: Classic(None) Colors to ID Listbox - Settings - Skin - vScroll select 
Resized: Remove Unwanted Text box - Added Vertical scrollbar - Disabled KeyReturn, CTRL KeyReturn 
Added: Download Settings Page 
Moved: DL Settings to DL Pg 
Added: Exit Message - Settings - Options 
Added: Position X, Y - Size Width, Height - Notes(List to Text) 
Added: Pink Lst color set - Skin 
Added: Ctrl-B,I,U - Lst>Txt, DB form 
Added: View notes button - Main form 
Added: Ability to add searched from Games to Personal from the Search form - Rightclick - With out having to keep loading the Games to so one can add to Personal 
Added: Msgbox to Loading 
Added: Scroll to List box's - Search form 
Added: Fetch on Return key to List box's - Search form 
Added: Save to file - DB form Notes: Export Notes (If present) 
Added: View image on Click - DB form 
Added: Status bar - List>Text form - See Notes 
Replaced: Text box to Richtxt box - List>Text form - See Notes - Notes: View a saved Walkthrough, Strategy guide. 
Added: Menu options - Lst>Txt form - Notes: Icons added 
Added: Tools bar - Only contains 1 for now 
Added: Bottons: View (Saves & Opens Default), Goto (Go to a specific line) 
Fixed: Mousepointer icon on DB Add if Selected No on all Msgbox's
Скачать можно в теме поддержки
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