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Showtime 3.3.344 неофициальный билд
Неофициальная сборка медиаплеера Showtime v3.3.344

Изменения в этой версии:

- js: Add createMultiOpt() to the settings object and fix various race conditions.
- Make settings_create_multiopt() accept prop_courier argument like the rest of the settings does
- Clear callback when setting is destroyed
- Add prop_courier_create_lockmgr()
- Make prop_get_name() thread safe
- settings: Avoid duplicate init for integer settings
- Add setting_detach()
- Update Russian translation
- Update trad. Chinese translation
- Change some pthread_ into hts_
- Fix support for 5.0 audio
- js: Load raw js code from a detached thread to avoid blocking the main thread
- Better support for truncating text
- Add some code for loading raw javascript from commandline
- Correctly deal with SQLITE_LOCKED in blobcache
- Update Italian translation
- Keep audio pipeline full even if audio is turned off (during video playback)
- Fix crash
- ps3: Correct identification of mounted optical drives (names and icon)
- videoplayback: If we get an error during playback wait until buffers are empty before we exit.
- Update Slovenian translation
- blobcache: Fix a bunch of bugs
- Add missing file (md5.h)
- A new filebased blobcache. sqlite just didn't make it
- Add pool_num()
- Fix http_ctime()
- theme: Add missing SkipBack and SkipNext icons
- svg: Add support for
- The file bundler does not really support file with spaces, so avoid that
- upnp: Grab albumart for images and videos as well
- theme: Move video title above image
- docs: Mention from which version settings.createMultiOpt() is available

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