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SEN Enabler v5.8.3 [4.75 - CEX/DEX]

Новая версия активатора доступа к PSN 

Изменения в этой версии:

  • Online works again with OFW 4.75
  • Added support for CFWs 4.75
  • Added option to install themes
  • SEN Plugin updated to v1.7
  • VSH Menu in SEN Plugin from 3141card's POC
  • Added image version from 4.75 in Custom spoof option
  • Added version from 4.75 in Custom spoof option
  • Updated patches on SEN Options
  • Improved code
  • Thanks to 3141card for PS3 VSH Menu, Alexander for CFW 4.75 to test it, xllBIGGBOSSllx [YOUTUBE STReeT poRKs], GeopByteSs [TWITTER], RevilingDante [WIISOS], franzes80 [GAMESONIC], zrandi [ZRANDISCENE] and Misterkio for his help

Finally i updated SEN Enabler to version 5.8.3, it took me some days of full work because Sony released OFW 4.75, need to update it quickly

This version has the requested option to install custom themes, SEN Enabler only have one default theme installed from memory, if you want to install your custom theme the default one will be omitted and will show your theme when SEN Enabler is starting. This option is in Settings menu in page 4, under the name of Themes options. Here are theme all options:

  • Themes: This option will show all available themes to install, it depends of Source option, if USB is selected will search in an USB device it and if HDD is selected will search in SEN Enabler's themes folder, when a theme is installed will be on SEN Enabler's theme folder
  • Restore original theme: Restores default SEN Enabler theme
  • Delete installed themes: Deletes all installed themes on SEN Enabler's themes folder
  • Source: Select where SEN Enabler need to look for themes, USB or SEN Enabler's theme folder (HDD)

Скачать можно в теме поддержки


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