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Rebug 4.78.1– Cobra 7.2
Оперативная кастомная прошивка от команды Rebug версии 4.78.1 .

Изменения(оригинальный пост):

What’s new since 4.76.1 REX/D-REX?

Support for Facebook features on the system has been officially discontinued by SONY

(Facebook app was removed from PSN store since last September, and finally all the remaining services became unavailable)

XMBM+ support added

(XMB Manager Plus developed by Team XMBM now supported via standalone pkgs.)

More info regarding XMBM+

webMAN MOD 1.43.25

(It has many bug fixes and improved features!)

REBUG toolbox has been updated from 2.02.08 to 2.02.09

(Toggle XMB CFW settings added.)

XMB CFW settings v0.1a added, REBUG TOOLBOX is required to use this feature.

(An Ultimate add-on for XMB : Developed by mysis, modified by littlebalup & aldostools)

More info regarding Cfw settings


FEATURE – Dual LV2 Kernels CEX/DEX
(Swap your EID0/LV2 kernel using Rebug Toolbox in seconds)

FEATURE – ALL Retail functions available in CEX mode
(No need to install different firmware)

FEATURE – ALL Debug functions available in DEX mode
(No need to install different firmware)

FEATURE – FULL ProDG Connectivity in DEX mode
(Full Support on both Normal mode and Cobra mode)

FEATURE – QA Token compatibility

FEATURE – OtherOS++ support enabled
(Use Rebug Toolbox to Boot OtherOS with different LV1 patches)

FEATURE – Package Manager

(Replacement for the standard ‘Install Package Files’ option)

INCLUDED – Rebug Toolbox 02.02.09 *UPDATED
(Install included Rebug Toolbox or higher for full compatibility)

PATCHED – Appldr: LV2 memory hash check is disabled
(Memory protection on LV2 is disabled in higher level)

PATCHED – LV1: Disable System Integrity Check
(Safe to use with mismatched COREOS/SYSCON versions or if PS3 is not QA enabled)

PATCHED – LV1: Undocumented function 114
(Allow mapping of protected memory)

PATCHED – LV1: Skip all ACL Checks
(Needed to allow booting of OtherOS)

PATCHED – LV1: Peek and Poke support
(Unused LV1 call 182 and 183)

PATCHED – LV2: Peek and Poke support
(LV2 Syscall 6 and 7)

PATCHED – LV2: Peek and Poke support for LV1
(LV2 Syscall 8 and 9)

PATCHED – LV2: LV1 CALL System call
(LV2 Syscall 10)

PATCHED – Recovery: Prevent accidental OFW update while on Recovery mode

PATCHED – VSH: Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files

PATCHED – VSH: Disable Unlinking/Deleting of act.dat
(Improved patches applied)


(Allowing unsigned PSP pkg contents on 4.78 or higher CFW)

PATCHED – VSH: Disable Epilepsy Warning for Faster Boot-Up Speed

FUN FEATURE – Fake Save Data Owner
(Use Game Saves from ANY Owner)

FUN FEATURE – In Game Screenshot
(Allows taking screenshots in Game)

FUN FEATURE – Disabled flag check in PARAM for Remote Play
(For better compatibility with remote play, custom flags in PARAM is recommended)

FUN FEATURE – Lock/Unlock Trophies (Offline only)

FEATURE – Cinavia protection fully disabled
(Supports optical media/bd iso, AACS must be decrypted)

FEATURE – Full BD/DVD Playback support on both CEX/DEX mode
(BD/DVD movies can now be played on DEX mode, major thanks to mysis!)

FEATURE – Cobra 7.2
(Disabled by default, Toolbox required to enable)

(Full Webman intergration supports both CEX/DEX 4.78)

FEATURE – XMB CFW settings v0.1a *NEW
(XMB icons for simple CFW tasks available via REBUG TOOLBOX 2.02.09)

FEATURE – PSN/SEN Accesibility
(PSN /SEN Accessible , until the next OFW update)

FEATURE – XMBM+ Compatibility *NEW
(XMB Manager Plus developed by Team XMBM now supported via standalone pkgs.)

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