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[PSV|HEN] taiHENkaku beta 2
Обновление эскплойта taiHENkaku до версии бета 2

Изменения в этой версии:

New Features

  • Tons of bug fixes! This should fix random crashes/freezes in installation and usage.
  • VitaShell 1.42 is integrated.
  • Plugin loading support: the parsing of ux0:tai/config.txt should be working for developers.
  • Check out the main development portal for details on how to use the configuration and taiHEN releases for the header and stub library to link with.
  • PSN spoofing is restored but WILL break in a couple of days when Sony flips the switch to disable 3.61 access. Please download what you need now.
  • Version spoofing is done locally in SceSettings now. That means any website that broke because of the version spoofing text would work now.

    Missing/Known Issues

  • No cleanup support, if you load TONS of plugins, you might run out of memory.
  • PSN spoofing WILL break in a couple of days. Access might be restored at a later point, keep tuned.
  • Sometimes, right after successful installation, the browser will either crash or show a black screen. This is okay, just press the PS button to exit manually.
  • VitaShell 1.42 settings do not work. This will be addressed by The_FloW in the near future.
  • Package installation from safe mode do not work in molecularShell. This will be addressed by The_FloW in the near future.
  • molecularShell now only shows ux0:. This is part of the move to molecularShell being a safe homebrew while VitaShell has full powers. Please install VitaShell manually to access other partitions moving forward.
  • There is no offline installer for this beta.

    Скачать и узнать подробности можно в теме поддержки
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