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PS3 PUP Check+
Полезная утилита для проверки контрольных сумм MD5 у файлов кастомных прошивок.

Изменения в этой версии:

+ Added all possible CEX/SEX/DEX MD5's available on PS3DevWiki.
+ Added all recent CFW/DB/MFW 4.55 and 4.53 MD5's from every place possible.
+ Updated DCT (DATE CHECK TOOL) to distinguish NAND/NOR, based on datecode/CECHx model number, and to recommend correct flashers (thanks @vb_encryption_vb & @baileyscream )
+ Added "InFeCtUs" to DCT readout (now contains E3/Progskeet/Teensy++2.0/InFeCtUs)
+ Relegated PPCiDB to just a patch function, will update main app as per usual from here on, but advanced users will find more available via PPCiDB.
+ Added [RETROA], [ZER0] and [GATEWAY3DS] colourways ([GATEWAY3DS] = WHITE])
+ Added all official [GATEWAY3DS] file MD5's for reference for users to avoid tampered DAT files and accidentally trigger STUPID brick code.
+ Added PS4 update 1.600 + REC MD5's
+ Added 4.55 SEX/CEX Reverter by [TJhooker73] (thanks @tjhooker73 )
+ Added updated REACTPSN MD5's
+ Added updated PSNpatch MD5's
+ Added multiMAN 04.55.00 MD5 (thanks @mschumacher69 )
+ Added webMAN MD5's up to current version (1.29g)
+ Added mmTOOLS all current and past versions MD5's
- Havent updated PPCiDB functions, but have updated the PPCiDB file hosted online (use 32x1 string to test if it's worked... probably wont: this will be addressed as soon as possible)

Скачать можно в теме поддержки
Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 1198 | Добавил: pvc1 | Теги: кастом, md5 verify, PUP, хэш, CFW, MD5 | Рейтинг: 5.0/2

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Вообщем это круто , но лучше бы придумали программу для разбора и сборки своей прошивки.

было нечто подобное под названием PS3MFW-Builder

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