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[PS3|CFW] ManaGunZ версия 1.30
Обновление бекап менеджера ManaGunZ до версии 1.30

Изменения в этой версии:

Add : Re-sign option change the fw version in param.sfo too.
Add : PS2 bin/cue image.
Fix : Paths containing a point.
Add : Remote control.
Add : Without peek&poke.
Add : Filemanager standalone. To compile it, type 'FILEMANAGER=1 make pkg'.
Fix : Increased read&write file speed.
Add : New loading screen for the file manager.
Fix : Movements in UI are more smooth/fuild.
Add : Flow 3D. See note (1).
Add : Plugin Manager can create the boot file.
Add : Plugin Manager can create '/dev_hdd0/plugins'.
Add : Plugin Manager can move the enabled plugins (from the boot file) to '/dev_hdd0/plugins'.
Add : Languages.
Add : Help.
Add : New CONFIG file management. See note (1).

Note :
(1) If the CONFIG file exist in MGZ folder, MGZ force the use of it and 'PS2 CONFIG creator' is not available.
I removed the option 'CONFIG to use' it became useless. I removed the distinction between OFFICIAL and CUSTOM.
I added the file DBCONFIG.txt to manage the CONFIG file used by several GAME, so I don't have to dulicate the same file.
(2) The full covers must in the folder 'USRDIR/covers/3D/[gameID].jpg'. For PS1, it will use the front cover from 'USRDIR/covers/[gameID].jpg' and the back from 'USRDIR/covers/3D/[gameID].jpg'.

Скачать можно в теме поддержки.
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