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[PS2|MOD] OPL 0.9.4 DB rev.1025
Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 1025

Изменения в последних ревизиях:

SP193 did the following changes:
- Partial roll back & rework of c1470b2 for maintainability: removed old hack for preventing the thread patch from being included, in favour of the new libkernel-nopatch library.
- Fixed partition creation of +OPL: added PFS filesystem setting, changed open flags to WRONLY and removed unused mode parameter.

Developer rickgaiser had done the following changes:
* theme: use real theme file for builtin theme
* Only change is the cover size is fixed to 140x200
** So cover ART of any resolution can now be used.
* This will make sure the cover is always displayed the same size, even if a higher resolution texture is used.
* theme: fix warning messages and bg_overlay

The default OPL theme was hardcoded. With this patch the default theme becomes a file in "misc/conf_theme_OPL.cfg". This makes it a lot more simple to change the default theme.

I've changed only one small thing to it to make the cover art always display at the same size, even when the cover art texture is a different size. For instance I am now testing with 512x125 and 256x256 (8bit bmp) covers.

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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