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[PS2|MOD] OPL 0.9.4 rev.1015 DB all
Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 1015

Изменения в последних релизах:

belek666 made the following changes:

ds3bt updates (#62)
- more accurate reading, fix data request, add waiting for cmd report

SP193 did the following changes:
- (HDPro) fixed HDPro being unable to communicate with the HDPro device:
-- fixed DEV9 not being loaded when HDPro is used (HDD.IRX depends on it),
-- fixed errors in command types for command matrix,
-- removed extra writes in the EE HDPro probe function,
-- replaced WaitEventFlag with PollEventFlag (as per the original)
-- and added a check around PollEventFlag's return value.

-- If desired, the HDPro can be probed for by simply loading hdproatad.irx.
-- If it does not remain resident, then the HDPro device was not found.

NOTE: HDPro device is an add-on HDD kit for later Slimline models (SCPH-75000 and later). It is a hardware mod (involves the ModBo modchip) to give the newer consoles a HDD unit, but it is not as fast and neither is it compatible with the official driver since it is a unique device on its own. When I mean that it is not as fast, it uses PIO mode 0, as it has no support for DMA. But still, it is a pretty good attempt.

-- Special thanks to sonic0467 from psx-place.

SP193 did the following changes:
- Revert (In-game ATAD) re-added workaround for some clone adaptors. (#58)

ElPatas1 did the following changes:

Jay-Jay did the following changes:
- removed the *.irx and the duplicated *.a lines in the .gitignore file so it stops ignoring any file with the .irx extension in the repo, plus *.a was already on the list.
- removed the *.s line in the .gitignore file so it stops ignoring any file with the .S extension in the repo -- as soon as I did this, the *.S files were finally noticed and Untracked files.
- resync repo

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