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[PS2] OPL 0.9.3 rev.867 DB all

Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 867

 Изменения в последних ревизиях:

  • Split off network configuration into a separate network file (opl_network.cfg).
  • Your legacy network configuration will be loaded if opl_network.cfg is not found. Please re-save to save in the new format (opl_network.cfg). This has to be done only once.
  • Re-factored config code to have all setting variables in the config.h file.
  • Unset development mode.
  • Attempt to fix the weird code for 4096-byte USB devices. What was I thinking....
  • Made the controls for VMC support more intuitive (whereby disabled controls are disabled).
  • Rename the "Enable Delete and Rename" to "Enable Write Operations".
  • Finalize theme variables and fully enable the merging part of the network update feature.
  • Rename all compatibility modes to use their actual names (i.e. "Accurate Reads" instead of just "Mode 1).
  • Initialization of CDVDMAN is now done for the search functions, for games like Life Line that use sceCdLayerSearchFile without first invoking sceCdInit().
  • Expanded SMB username and password fields to 31 characters.
  • Consolidated CHEATS loading code.
  • Expanded filename length for cheat files to 64 characters.
  • Fixed HDD mode not listing games when set to manual and auto-refresh is enabled.
  • Attempted to fix and enable RTL support. With some *cough* luck, it'll work and then it can be left on permanently until it's deemed stable enough to be made a permanent feature.
  • Added support for OTF fonts.
  • Re-arranged compatibility modes to be more similar to the OPL-CL website, for the sake of our non-English users.
  • Fixed menu option arrangement in the options menu,
  • Removed the "show cheat engine" option.
  • MC icons are now written with the standard IO functions. The FileBuffer functions are for text/config files.
  • UTF-8 lang files with the BOM sequence are supported.
  • Attempted to fix aspect ratio adjustments for fonts, but the rest of the OPL UI doesn't scale with it. Hence it is disabled.
  • Converted the network configuration section titles into language strings.
  • Added support for fonts stored on the HDD unit (root of +OPL partition; hdd0:+OPL/) and USB device (root of device; mass0:/).
  • The countdown setting's on-screen size has been adjusted and is now hidden when the "remember last played" setting is disabled.
  • and many more miscellaneous enhancements...

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