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multiMAN Cobra Manager v04.01.00 BASE

Обновление многофункционального менеджера multiMAN CM v04.01.00

Изменения в этой версии:

* Changed: Nethost PC server application "ps3serv" is replaced by new windows/linux application "ps3netsrv"
! NOTE: For best performance and compatibility of the new net_host interface, a WIRED network may be required (Wi-Fi is also supported)
! NOTE: Root folders served by remote hosts must contain /PS3ISO, /BDISO, /DVDISO and /PSXISO folders to enable remote content
* Added new option in SETTINGS column: "Network Servers" for setting up to 10 remote nethost IP:PORT values
* Removed: *nethost* settings from options[_default].ini are ignored and no longer supported
* Added support for thumbnail images for remote BD/DVD/PS3/PSX ISO/BIN+CUE files (*.jpg / *.png)
* Added support to copy files from one net_host to another
* Added support to delete folders from remote net_host
* Added support to view files in TextViewer from remote net_host folders
* Added support to copy games and ISO images to remote host from SIDE menu ([TRIANGLE] in XMMB/XBDM/BOARD display modes)
* Added support for 3.55DEX (additional DEX UPD MOD update package required)

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