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Долгожданное обновление uLaunchELF v4.13
Вышла новая версия менеджера файлов uLaunchELF v4.13, пользующего заслуженной популярностью среди пользователей. В архив включен русификатор и инструкция по его установке.
Полный список улучшений ниже:
-Fixed Linux issues with the makefile do to case sensitivity.
-Changed draw.c and updated gskit source files to fix issues with the newer gsKit.
-Added script setup.sh to the "Changed source for external projects" directory for setting up outside projects.
-Moved libjpg\include\libjpg.h into libjpg parent directory to match up with myPS2's SVN sources location.
-Reverted to an older working version of ps2sdk(revision 1420).
-Reverted back to the older SMS network modules(revision 588) resolving a severe bug, which was first introduced in the 4.12 betas.
-Rearranged ps2ftpd sources and LaunchELF's makefile, removing the IRX module from the source package.
-Updated libcdvd source files so it can be correctly built without the old ps2lib library.
-Modified uLE source package further so that precompiled binaries are neither required nor included.
-Fixed bug in reloadConfig(), skin wasn't loaded if using various CNF files and one had GUI_SKIN enabled.
-Added option to disable text in menu screen under skin settings when GUI_SKIN is enabled.
-Commented out fixed PS2DEV environment variable in the gsKit Makefile.pref file.
-Added code from betas minus vmc: related things with changes noted further below.
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