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Уважаемые пользователи нашего ресурса ! 20 февраля 2017 года истекает годовая оплата за хост, которая составляет на данный момент 57,5 USD. Всем, кому небезразлична судьба PSX-CORE, предлагаю пожертвовать денежные средства , кто сколько может. Точная сумма в рублях зависит от курса доллара на момент оплаты (ориентировочно 3500 руб). Заранее благодарен. Деньги, оставшиеся с прошлого года, были потрачены на продление домена PSX-CORE.

Собрано 3540 руб
спасибо - xxxx, Kozinenko, Kirya, Amorfus, sdaf13, archicharmer, Lexa26, proect_yZ, catsmania, неизвестные доброжелатели

Веб кошелек - R181174760915
Карта Сбербанка - 4276 7700 1029 5944
Держатель карты - Андрей Александрович Л.
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Обновление Cobra до версии 7.52 и новый REBUG TOOLBOX от разработчика Joonie. В этом релизе встроен блокировщик хоумбрю, который может блокировать различные хоумбрю когда системные вызовы CFW отключены при выполнении подключения к PSN.

Изменения в этой версии:

COBRA Payload 7.52 including

  • @habib's bug fix for lv1 peek support for multiMAN,
  • @deank's backup disc support for PS3 games
  • KW and @aldostools's homebrew blocker thanks to @kokotonix for informing

    Homebrew Blocker

    By default, COBRA can block following apps from being launched "ONLY AFTER" Syscalls are disabled by stealth plugins and homebrews​

  • BLES806XX Multiman and assorted tools are in the format BLES806**
  • BLJS10018 PSNPatch Stealth (older versions were already detected as non-NP/BC/BL)
  • BLES08890 PSNope by user
  • BLES13408 FCEU NES Emulator
  • BLES01337 Awesome File Manager
  • BLND00001 dev_blind
  • NPEA90124 SEN Enabler

    And custom config files can be used for white/black listing apps/homebrews/games as you need​

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    Категория: Программное обеспечение PlayStation | Просмотров: 1177 | Добавил: pvc1 22 Фев 2017 в 20:22 | Комментарии (0)

    Обновление плагина от разработчика multiMAN и webMAN под названием sMAN

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • Some important parts of the plugin are rewritten and optimized to reduce stack usage
  • Returned another 112KB back to fg vsh smile (2316KB free - was 1920KB a month ago without ntfs smile so about 396KB less used)
  • Changed sman.bin to support longer game names/paths/icons - a rescan will be initiated
  • Cleaned some code (about 1000 lines gone after the optimization)
  • Loading games speed improved (at least the perceived speed)
  • sMAN will show the name of the loaded game as popup message (not the filename)
  • sMAN is now properly unloaded when requested (no zombie or dead threads should remain - @Joonie can you check?)
  • It supports up to 2000 titles (games/bd/dvd) now

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    Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 243 | Добавил: pvc1 22 Фев 2017 в 20:00 | Комментарии (3)

    Обновление плагина от разработчика multiMAN и webMAN под названием sMAN

    Изменения в последних версиях:

  • Use [L2+R2] to start sMAN
  • The sprx is bigger (but actually uses less memory) because it contains some glued resources
  • It will use standard PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3/Blu-ray/DVD icons when there is no proper cover/image available
  • This version of the plugin must be named sman.sprx and loaded from (in this exact order):
    /dev_hdd0/sman.sprx or
    /dev_hdd0/plugins/sman.sprx or
    otherwise it won't work. The first match of these three will be loaded.
  • sMAN resource files are located in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/res folder. There are six icons, background and ntfs/net external plugins. You can play with them until the next reboot when they will be restored to defaults.​
  • Changed netiso/rawseciso implementation (external) - use plugin slot #0
  • Fixed crash when trying to load another PS1 title after one is played

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    Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 93 | Добавил: pvc1 20 Фев 2017 в 12:56 | Комментарии (0)

    Обновление утилиты для управления вашими бекапами PS2 игр

    Изменения в этой версии:

    *Fixed file in use when using new iso file name format.
    *Art Reports now are required to have a explanation.
    *Fixed multiple issues when using screen scaling.
    *Fixed a bug in ART Manager, where the art returned by the
    server didn't match the current selected game.
    +Added a feature that tries to emulate OPL on PC.
    Requires compatible themes. One theme by Jay-Jay included.
    OPL Themes can be ported easily. Uses XML for theme CFG.
    +Added support to recognize POPS elf in POPS folder.
    +Added support to edit CFG for POPS games.
    +Added tool to install any elf to the APPS folder.
    +Added support to drag cover & disc images out of OPLM.
    +Added support to change between old/new iso naming format.
    +Added support for game cover spine (LAB).
    +Added character limit in multiple input boxes in CFG Editor.
    +Added game title (from OPLM DB) to ART report window.
    +Increased Game CFG version to 4.
    +Added Modes setting to CFG Editor and CFG Update.
    +Added Sports Genre to CFG Editor.
    +Added some Cheat Devices to CFG Editor.
    +Added feature to remember the main window splitter position.
    +Added link to facebook and official website.

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    Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 715 | Добавил: pvc1 18 Фев 2017 в 22:35 | Комментарии (0)

    Обновление порта эмулятора системы Amiga 500/1200

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • fix improved analog deadzone (broken in last release)
  • improved analog mouse deadzone (radial and scaled)
  • cleaned up display menu
  • added option to choose menu background

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    Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 707 | Добавил: pvc1 16 Фев 2017 в 14:05 | Комментарии (0)

    Обновление многофункционального плагина webMAN от aldostools.

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • Plugin now allocates up to 3MB using APP Memory Container on XMB
  • Reduced memory usage / stack size of various threads
  • FTP server now keeps memory allocated until session is closed (improves performance)
  • Fixed various issues introduced in 1.46.xx
  • Added SELECT menu to slaunch MOD

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    Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 4889 | Добавил: pvc1 16 Фев 2017 в 13:25 | Комментарии (3)

    Обновление утилиты для облегчения установки кастомной прошивки Adrenaline

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • added 6.61 Update file download progress indicator
  • added update history info to livearea
  • while installing the Home button is now blocked
  • fixed a bug with wrongly formatted tai-config files

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    Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 470 | Добавил: pvc1 16 Фев 2017 в 12:50 | Комментарии (0)

    Обновление менеджера ManaGunz - в этой версии добавлена поддержка 4.81 DEX CFW и Mamba v3, обновлен PS2emu Patcher для поддержки PS2 CONFIG, новое меню PS2 с различными опциями.

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • Add : Support CFW 481 DEX.
  • Add : Mamba v3 is ported to every supported fw.
  • Add : PS2emu patcher is updated with the new payload to support PS2 CONFIG. See note (1).
  • Add : PS2 CONFIG files from psdevwiki are included. It will be added automatically if there isn't any CONFIG used.
  • Add : PS2 Menu. See note (3).
  • Add : To have a faster loading, ICON0s and covers are loaded in a background task, a progress bar is displayed.
  • Fix : Navigation with L joystick is less sensible.
  • Fix : Better detection of the firmware version to avoid issues with similar fw. See note (2).
  • Fix : freeze when it scanned some PS1/PS2 games. Fixed 'Get_ID' function.
  • Fix FileManager : NTFS drive are mounted when the window is refreshed.
  • Add FileManager : Press L3 to refresh the window.
  • Add FileManager : xRegistry viewer. It convert the registry to a txt file in "/dev_hdd0/tmp/xreg.txt".
  • Add FileManager : Scroll op ... Читать дальше »
    Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 488 | Добавил: pvc1 14 Фев 2017 в 08:11 | Комментарии (0)

    Обновление альтернативного FTP сервера от разработчика jjolano

    Изменения в этой версии:

  • Reverted removal of APPE command.
  • Added some additional standard FTP commands.
  • Rewrote server engine to be able to compile on Linux, CELL, and PSL1GHT.
    * This makes for easier debugging, so this release should be expected to
    perform much better (and hopefully bug-free) than earlier versions.
    * With the new codebase, developers can now easily add their own commands
    without having to worry about affecting the server engine. The command
    system is now designed to be "plugin-based".
  • Removed asynchronous IO. No real benefits were found after thorough testing.
  • Vastly improved stability of multiple connections.
    * 10 simultaneous connections in FileZilla is tested to be stable!
  • Fixed a bad bug in 4.1 causing connections to drop when downloading files.

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    Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 230 | Добавил: pvc1 14 Фев 2017 в 07:40 | Комментарии (0)