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ReGBA & TempGBA v1.45.5
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Обновление эмулятора Game Boy Advance. В архиве две версии ReGBA и TempGBA, а также PAL и NTSC версии.



  • Just copy the GBA folder to the root of your USB (mass) HDD.  
  • Then with uLaunch select either ELF to load. Or you can choose the APPS menu from OPL to also launch these two ELFs. 
  • I recommend testing ReGBA.elf, then TempGBA.elf. -- See which one loads best the ROM you want to play with.
  • Copy some GBA ROMS to any directory you wish from the root of your MASS.  Preferably to a directory: /ROMS/GBA/

Tips and Recommendations:

  1. I've included two versions, one for NTSC TV systems and another one for PAL TV systems.
  2. These emulators can be run from massmchdd (not tested) and from dirs placed there. -- Recommended to use mass (USB) since each game save will be saved where the ELF is.  So if you don't want to run out of memory card space quickly, then use USB to load the ELF.
  3. All game config/save files will be written in the same directory where elf is--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you put this folder on your USB HDD instead of your $ony Memory Card (mc).
  4. Emulator needs included: gba_bios.bin -- (I've provided an open source replacement in the archive) and in the same folder were ELF is.
  5. Emulator needs included game_config.txt placed in the same folder were elf is.
  6. Video Settings: to adjust the Display Settings, go to the Main Menu-- it can accept Progressive (480p and 720p) and up to 1080i.  Press  psxcross to see the changes. -- Best choices are NTSC/PAL or 480p.  Anything larger will make the game look very fuzzy.
  7. X and Y display settings under Screen Position.  Just select the X or Y values and use your (left and right) D-PAD to adjust the screen.  Pressing  psxcircle exits the page.
  8. For large HDTV, make sure to adjust the Menu Resolution to 3x in the Display Settings -- you'll be able to see a longer list of ROMS.
  9. When ROM is running you can go to the Main Menu by pressing  psxtriangle button to change setting per game mode.
  10. It's better to use uncompressed ROMs.  It can accept Zipped ROMs, but takes a while to load.
  11. TempGBA has better compatibility, but some games may runs better/faster in ReGBA.
  12. During Gameplay: Press psxtriangle or START to get settings and adjustments during game play.
  13. Loading Menu: press SELECT.
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