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Обновился порт игры Doom до версии
- Savegame handling for different WAD : Now savegames from doom1 and doom2 and other WADs can happy cohexist at the same memory card

Important: This means that your previous saves needs to be renamed at the PS2DOOM memory
card folder. Use uLaunchELF for that (copy the save files to a USB storage device for
example, rename those at your computer - see below, delete those same files at the memory 
card and copy the renamed saves from the USB device back to the PS2DOOM memory card 
folder). Refer to uLaunchELF documentation for this operations (I won't offer help at 
this subject).

Until now, the saves follows the scheme for all the WADs : doomsav0.dsg, doomsav1.dsg,
and so on. For now on, the saves reflect the WAD name:

For doom2.wad savegames, you should use the the naming scheme : doom2sav0.dsg, doom2sav1.dsg, etc. Similarly for doom1.wad saves, this will be doom1sav0.dsg, doom1sav1.dsg.

For doom.wad, the filenames should be doomsav0.dsg, etc. You get the picture (sorry to explain this to detail, but I wanted to keep this clear).

  - Should work with the doom2f.wad (I don't own it)
  - Previous/next weapon selection was buggy (some weapons weren't selectable) - fixed
  - Fixed a crash when a lump is not found (doom.wad at "menu slideshow") - original sources bug?
  - Save/load file handle fixed (no more trying to load/save from empty slots)
Разное | Просмотров: 3033 | Загрузок: 948 | Добавил: pvc1 | Дата: 14 Июн 2009 | Комментарии (1)

Еще одна версия игры Doom, в этом архиве находится версия Doom II вместе с wad файлом. Инструкция на английском включена в архив.

Разное | Просмотров: 3769 | Загрузок: 1193 | Добавил: pvc1 | Дата: 29 Апр 2009 | Комментарии (3)

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