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Movian [5.0.487/бета 5.0.487]
pvc1 Дата: Пн, 24 Дек 2012, 12:00 | Сообщение #1
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Movian (ex-Showtime)

обновление от 17.04.2017

Сайт разработчика - https://movian.tv/


Последняя стабильная версия:
* Movian 5.0.487 (8,52 МБ)

Последняя бета версия:
* Movian 5.0.487 (8,52 МБ)

Репозиторий изменений бета версий - здесь


* Movian Remote - приложение для управления Showtime со своего смартфона/планшета под ОС Android.
* Movian Android - порт медиаплеера под ОС Android.
Прикрепления: 8460880.png(174Kb)

pvc1 Дата: Ср, 05 Ноя 2014, 12:32 | Сообщение #141
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pvc1 Дата: Ср, 05 Ноя 2014, 12:34 | Сообщение #142
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* ecmascript: Get rid of a dangling duk_dump_context_stdout()
* ecmascript: Protect against multiple resourceDestroy()
* ecmascript: Add support for page.redirect()
* ecmascript: Rename createMultiopt -> createMultiOpt
* ecmascript/api-v1: Fix typo
* ecmascript/settings: Add support for multiopt
* ecmascript/api-v1: Fix typo
* ecmascript: Add settings.createInfo to APIv1
* ecmascript: Add showtime.probe
* ecmascript: Add basic hash functionality …
* ecmascript: Add bin2hex and hex2bin conversion functions
* ecmascript: Improve automatic charset detection when decoding byte -> string
* ecmascript: Add page.error()
* ecmascript: Add showtime.textDialog()
* Add 'latin-1' as alias to ISO-8859-1
* ecmascript: Add plugin.createStore to V1 api
* Remove stray debug
* ecmascript/http: Add missing support for HTTP headers
* ecmascript/http.js: Make sure toString() always makes a string
* ecmascript: Add message popup
* ecmascript: Remove debug from getAuthCredentials
* ecmascript: Add getAuthCredentials()
* Add example plugin for settings
* ecmascript: Add support for settings in legacy wrapper
* settings.js: Add missing 'unit' config variable
* Update libntfs to fix crash when opendir() on non-existing directory
* Fix a typo making /showtime/open URL not work
* prop: Add new value type 'PROP' which is just a reference to another prop
Much more lightweight than prop_link since this cannot be followed nor
subscribed to indirectly

Also use this for the "openedFrom" navigator page property to avoid
serious link/unlink problems causing some properties to lose their
subscription binding

* Merge pull request #173 from copernic-us/patch-3: Polish updated
* prop.js: Need to explicitly check that object isn't null
* ecmascript: Add 'page.appendPassiveItem()' method
* duktape: Upgrade to v1.0.0-23-g982eed5: Polish updated

* ecmascript: Add RichText support
* prop: print PROP_STR_RICH with single quotes in prop_print()
* ecmascript: Add support for plugin.getDescriptor()
* ecmascript: Add some missing helpers: entityDecode, queryStringSplit, pathEscape, paramEscape
* Fix list focusing when scrolling …
* glw: Fix typo in GLW_SET_NOT_RESPONDING define

pvc1 Дата: Пт, 07 Ноя 2014, 09:05 | Сообщение #143
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Награды: 2  +
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* ecmascript: Add showtime.deviceId
* osx: Generate device id
* ecmascript: Add page.flush()
* ecmascript: Add showtime.durationToString()
* ecmscript: Add showtime.notify()
* ecmascript: Fix bug in Showtime.pathEscape(): Bug resulted in an extra \x00 byte being appended to the result
* ecmascript: Try to convert duktape number to integer if possible
* Fix problem with loading subtitles from same directory as video content.
If loading was too fast the video initialization code managed to cancel the load attempt, resulting in no subtitle loaded at all.
* textparser: Handle tags with leading spaces
* prop: If clear hps_dispatch if in PROP_DEBUG mode
Otherwise the scanner for stale subscriptions will misdetect destroyed ones for being alive
* glw: Add missing prop_unsubscribe()
* ecmascript: Add item.addOptURL() and item.addOptAction()
* ecmascript: Add showtime.print() and console.log()
* navigator: Backout a change that was added during testing


pvc1 Дата: Ср, 12 Ноя 2014, 11:03 | Сообщение #144
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Награды: 2  +
Замечания:  ±
* Update Danish translation
* plugins: Add a dev-settings that forces all plugins to be loaded as ecmascript
* Metadata: Add METADATA/TMDB debug behind a debug option in settings:dev. Also add more verbose logging when option is turned on
* Add missing include
* ecmascript: Add Showtime.parseTime
* Better supression when logging non-fatal sqlite errors
* Improve debug log surrounding TMDB queries
* ecmascript: When assigning one (value-)property to another make it be have as expected (copy value)
* ecmascript: Get rid of hex2bin and bin2hex. Duktape can already do this
* ecmascript: Add dump() to settings groups
* ecmascript: Fix some problems with cacheGet() cachePut()
* ecmascript: Add item.addOptSeparator()
* ecmascript: Add cachePut() and cacheGet()
* ecmascript: Add some documentation to es_context_release()
* ecmascript: Fix deadlock
* glw: Handle TOKEN_INT in deliverEvent()
* ecmascript: Pass correct argument to item.onEvent callback
* event: Add function to print human readable form of an event. Good for debug
* ecmascript: Unload all plugins on exit
* ecmascript: Make sure 'stores' are saved on plugin unload
* Expand INITME() helpers to also to finishing when shutting down
* ecmascript/prop: Don't treat 'destroyed' as a value in value subscriptions
* ecmascript/page: Fix broken use of this. in some callbacks
* prop: Make PROP_SUB_IGNORE_VOID work for all cases
* prop: Fix typo causing PROP_SET_PROP not to work
* ecamscript: Fix typo in setting.createAction()
* ecmascript: Make sure store.create() can mkdir the full path leading to the file
* ecamscript: Add support for per-page options
* ecmascript: Set 'apiversion' in plugin object
* ecmascript/prop: Add 'noInitialUpdate' as subscribe option
* kvstore: Fix some cosmetics and missing debug


pvc1 Дата: Пн, 17 Ноя 2014, 09:47 | Сообщение #145
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Замечания:  ±
* ecmascript/settings/multiopt: Make sure option id is a string
* asyncio_posix.c: Fix race on asyncio_thread_id global variable
* ecmascript: Fix problems with incorrect reference counting
* usage: Plug a tiny mem leak (on exit)
* glw/vdpau: Fix problem when we switch from non-vdpau to vdpau video rendering
* glw/video: Clear glw_video_surface_t after use
* glw: Fix a memory leak
* ecmascript: Implicit toString() in hashUpdate
* Merge pull request #174 from copernic-us/patch-2: Update pl_PL.lang
* ecmascript/api-v1: Map plugin.addHTTPAuth to Showtime.httpInspectorCreate
* Some fixed in common code for NaCl
* net_posix.c: Fix strict aliasing issues
* posix.c: Remove some unused crap
* metadata: Don't use a common .NFO file for multiple videos in same folder
Also reduce number of calls to the metadata providers by coalescing metadata lookups better
* Improve log/trace formating a bit
* sqlite: Fix broken log supression filter

Также бонус для multiMAN

* Showtime 04.07.494 [CEX].pkg (7.18MB)
* Showtime 04.07.494 [DEX].pkg (7.24MB)

pvc1 Дата: Вт, 25 Ноя 2014, 15:29 | Сообщение #146
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Update Swedish translation
Update lang files
hls: Improve handling of missing segments
video playback: Fix race condition causing embedded subtitles not be aut...
Make it possible to turn on/off browsing of archives (rar and zip) as fo...
fascanner: Improve a debug message
Clearing metadata does no longer erase resume points, playcount, etc so ...
video: Make it possible to configure time for seek back/fwd
hls: Fix a possible crash when exiting early during stream startup
hls: Rewrite HLS demuxer to better deal with live streams
Fix another HTTP cookie issue
httpclient: Fix broken cookie reject
media: Make it possbile for demuxers to get events as callbacks
fa_aes: Plug memleak
event_sprint: Handle NULL event
glw/video: Move a misplaced memset() causing texture leaks
ecmascript: Add XML parser
ecamscript/page: Make sure page.error() converts message to a string
ecmascript/prop: Don't print subscribers in propPrint()
ecmascript/page: Fix broken Item.prototype.{enable,disable}
Turn on wrapping in seek-by-time

pvc1 Дата: Пт, 28 Ноя 2014, 11:57 | Сообщение #147
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Сообщений: 6246
Награды: 2  +
Замечания:  ±
Merge branch 'showtime_sys_ip' of https://github.com/Cy-4AH/showtime int...
hls: Remove short circuit of hard-wired 404 retry counter
ecmascript/page: Make sure 'loading' prop is always decreased (also on e...
ecmascript: Add Showtime.sleep() util method
ecmascript: Set 'loading' property during searches
plugin: Improve error message when failing to load a plugin
Add support for 'data:' URI scheme
ecmascript/api-v1: Expose config object in plugin object
ecmascript/api-v1: Don't expose XML in the showtime object
ecmascript: add missing showtime.systemIpAddress
Update ru_RU.lang


pvc1 Дата: Вт, 09 Дек 2014, 09:15 | Сообщение #148
Высшая материя
Сообщений: 6246
Награды: 2  +
Замечания:  ±
* hls: Make resume work again
* glw: Make sinewave() function always refresh layout


pvc1 Дата: Пн, 22 Дек 2014, 11:23 | Сообщение #149
Высшая материя
Сообщений: 6246
Награды: 2  +
Замечания:  ±
* Upgrade duktape to v1.0.0-287-g7b32caa
* Upgrade duktape to v1.0.0-278-g316419d
* metadata Don't crash if folder name is not given …
* osk: Include '@' in unshifted layout
* ecmascript: Make multiopt setting always select first item if nothing else is given
* ecmascript/setting: Make it possible to assign current value of a setting
* ecmascript/settings: Give raw access to properties of created setting
* ecmascript: Add some missing support functions:
- Showtime.selectView()
- Showtime.fs.copyfile()
- Showtime.fs.basename()
* ecmascript/prop: Add support for creating and sending 'openurl' prop events
* ecmascript: Add support for receiving 'propref' events on prop subscriptions
* ecmascript: Add support for item hooks
* ecmascript/settings: Better handling of bool type
* ecmascript: Hack to make sure all settings are destroyed when plugin is unloaded
* glw: Fix bad focus when wrapping in lists …
* glw: Fix navFocusable attribute so it works as it should
* glw: Remove pointless assignments 'navFocusable: true;'
* hls: Better handling of missing segments (avoid crashing)
* hls: Add some debug output of streams from .ts files
* ecmascript/settings: Fix broken setup of multiopt settings
* audio: Add dummy driver


pvc1 Дата: Пн, 29 Дек 2014, 12:02 | Сообщение #150